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Your surgery - what to expect

Before your surgery

Once you have consented to surgery you will be provided with advice on the types of possible anaesthetics and location for the procedure.

  • Anaesthetics include local anaesthetic, sedation anaesthetic and general anaesthetic.
  • Your procedure can be performed in our consulting rooms, as a hospital day procedure or hospital in-patient stay.
  • You will be provided with the time, date and location of you procedure and specific requirements such as what to bring and when to fast prior.

If you take blood thinning medications such as aspirin, warfarin, anti-inflammatory tablets or fish oil please tell your surgeon, as these may need to be stopped prior to surgery.

After your surgery

  • It is recommended that you arrange for someone to accompany you home after surgery and for someone to stay with you the night after your procedure.
  • You will receive instructions and advice on dressings, bathing and what activities you can perform.
  • You will also be given a contact phone number should a complication occur.
  • A follow-up appointment to see you surgeon will usually be made for you immediately after your surgery.


Would you like more information about plastic or cosmetic surgery? Do you need reconstructive surgery? We welcome you to contact us at our Adelaide practice.

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